Thinking about renovation? So are we.

Allyson Case is the Founder and CEO of Integro. Her seed of passion for the built environment began under the influence of some of the most renown architects in Chicago at Powell/Kleinschmidt Interior Architecture. Over the years, this seed has manifested itself into a fervent conviction to appreciate, invigorate, and inspire residential buildings. Allyson believes that bringing existing buildings back into their glory marks a display of humanity for the present, an expression of humility for the past, and sets an example for the future.


Integro is a full-service general contractor specializing in custom residential work. We excel at major renovations and restoration projects. Our passion is the built environment. We are expert builders that reinvigorate and breathe new life into existing spaces and enable their next generation of use. Based in Chicago, Integro is surrounded by some of the finest examples of world architecture and we are inspired to continue the quality and vision of those architectural traditions.



2 thoughts on “Thinking about renovation? So are we.

  1. Really enjoying your blog! It’s great that you are passionate about what you do. I can relate because I’m passionate about architecture and drafting and actually had opportunity to work on one rehab project a while ago.


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