Mom and Dad’s House: Update!

So much has happened at Mom and Dad’s house!….sort of!

Let’s see, around Halloween, we did demo – check!

We covered all the furniture – check!

We got all the tile and fixtures delivered – check!

We had the custom vanity built – check!


Man, we were on a ROLL!

Then, we needed to pour 5,000 SF of concrete at the Oak Brook project.


Ally: “Mom, we’ll come back right after Thanksgiving”

Mom: “Okay”

Dad: *shrugs*


Okay, concrete poured – we beat the weather, awesome.


The plumber comes to my parents’ house to rough-in the plumbing – check!

The electrician comes to rough-in the electrical – check!

The blinds are ordered – check!


Then, the Hyde Park Condo needed a mad dash to finish drywall installation before the holidays and the Winnetka Project has tile on back order.


Ally: “Mom, we’ll be back after New Years”

Mom: “Okay”

Dad: *shrugs*

Ally: “I’ll put in insulation so you don’t freeze to death and nothing explodes.”

Mom: “Okay”

Dad: “Coffee cake?”


FullSizeRender (2)
A Swiss Fondue Holiday!


2016 fades away and 2017 rolls in…Hyde Park gets hardwood flooring…Winnetka gets a tile delivery….Hyde Park gets a tile delivery….the tile installation is quite difficult….we’re running out of tilers…Hyde Park simultaneously begins carpentry installation…Ally realizes that if Sebastian had hair, he’d be pulling it out right about now.


Ally: *desperate look of anxiety*

Mom: “Okay”

Dad: “Coffee?”

Ally: “You’re living in squalor”

Mom: “It’s fine”

Dad: “I prefer to sleep a lot anyway”

Ally: “You have no doors”

Dad: “True.”

Ally: *hears the subtle splash of her ranking as ‘favorite daughter’ plummeting into the depths of the earth*


Drywall up – check!

Finish carpentry – check!

FullSizeRender (1)IMG_1521FullSizeRender

Blinds installed – check!




…just in time for us to finish up the Winnetka Project before spring construction season hits…


Ally: *desperate for camaraderie*

Mom: “Looking great!”

Dad: “Don’t worry, we know this will be done someday”


Now on to painting! So close, yet so far…final reveal coming soon! I think!


Want to see more projects? Check us out at Integro Rehab!





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