The Many Hats of Framing

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We have graduated from demo at Oak Brook and swiftly moved into Framing! This is the part where we look at the drawings, throw up some walls, and inconspicuously smoke outside – right?

If only that were true.

Framing has many hats – during Demo, we have a million questions. During Framing, we need answers to those questions…like, right now:

“This opening is not symmetrical. Do you want us to open it 3-3/4″?”



“Okay, so should we install a wide, flush transition piece to patch the hardwood underneath the wall?”


“Ah, nevermind. Keep the opening as is.”

“Your ductwork is not code compliant. Can we re-route the ducts and zone the 2nd floor?”



“Okay. Have you picked a toilet yet? Can we run the pipes to the furnace here?”


“Finalizing our plumbing fixtures next week. That should be fine.”

“The casings will need to be – ah – creative with this door width. Do you want the door smaller?”



“If we widen the bathroom door, then the vanity can only be 18″. Do you just want us to move the bathroom wall into the hallway to widen the bathroom itself?”


“Don’t widen the bathroom door.”

“So, because of this pocket door, we’re losing about a foot of closet space. Is this okay?”


“Yes. Let’s make it a medicine cabinet instead.”

“Soooo, this random doorway in the Office turned out to be load-bearing. The Village wants calculations to verify that the current framing plan is sufficient.”


“Right. So, we’ll call the architect out to take a look right away.”

…5 days later…


Did I mention roof work also happens during Framing?


…only one casualty. The goose didn’t make it.



Figuratively, this all goes to show how many hats are worn during Framing. Literally, there are also quite a lot of hats involved:


A huge shout out to SMNG-A – our architects who took my call, came on site, and got us drawings in less than a week. So, guess what? We’re still on schedule!


Next up: Framing Inspections, Roof Inspections, and MEP…


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2 thoughts on “The Many Hats of Framing

  1. Great post! I especially enjoyed the “…5 days later…” followed by the Architect’s drawing. I would TOTALLY have opened up that 1st opening and patched the floor. Of course, I’m not the home owner. I just love symmetry! xo


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