Introducing the Carmen Project!

A new year, a new project – I have been looking for the perfect investment property with this client since 2014! Finally, after months of looking and a saga of offers, we found it – Carmen. This building is a 2,300 square foot brick 2-flat, built in 1909. This property is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood. A few blocks from “the main strip” of Lincoln Square, the intent of this project is to combine the 1st floor and basement into a finished duplex with 3 bedrooms, upgrade the 1st floor unit for maximum rental, upgrade the 2nd floor bathroom for the owner occupied unit, and refinish the existing hardwood floors throughout both units.

Here’s the first look:

Front View 2
The Carmen Project


1st Floor - Living Room
1st Floor Unit – Living Room
1st Floor - Dining Room
1st Floor Unit – Dining Room
1st Floor - Kitchen
1st Floor Unit – Kitchen
1st Floor - Bathroom
1st Floor Unit – Bathroom
Basement - Living Room
Basement - Bathroom
Basement Bathroom
2nd Floor - Living Room
2nd Floor Unit – Living Room
2nd Floor - Dining Room
2nd Floor Unit – Dining Room
2nd Floor - Bathroom
2nd Floor Unit – Bathroom


…Oh, did I mention my clients want to move into the 2nd floor by February 1st?

Want to see more projects? Check us out at Integro Rehab!



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